Are you a current cancer patient or soon to enter into chemotherapy or radiation treatment?

Do you want to learn more about cancer, how you can help to minimize the side effects of your treatments, receive a personal assessment from a trained practitioner, share experiences with other cancer patients like you, and receive free products?

Brighter Days is a free and helpful resource that services cancer patients and their friends and family who are supporting them.

Why Should I Attend Brighter Days?

Brighter Days is a valuable free program that helps to enhance your life by optimizing the health of your skin, hair and nails during chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  Brighter Days participants share that the program educates them on their cancer and the side effects of treatments, they receive a free assessment of their condition by a trained practitioner, they share experiences and bond with other cancer patients, and they receive free products to try.

What can I expect during a Brighter Days program?

Brighter Days is a free, hour long program.  The practitioner will present the Talk-Tough-Tell method. 

First, the practitioner gives a presentation on cancer- how it affects the body, especially as it relates to the hair, skin and nails of the patient, the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  He/she will share tips and recommendations on how to minimize the effects of chemotherapy and radiation before, during and after treatment. 

Second, the practitioner will assess each individual and give them customized tips on how to nourish their skin, hair, and nails.

Thirdly, the group is free to ask questions, and meet and bond with other cancer patients in the group.

Lastly, free products donated by generous sponsors will be handed out, along with instructions on how to use each product.

What if there isn’t a Brighter Days program in my area?

There are two ways to benefit from Brighter Days if it’s not yet available in your area:

1. Watch the online video presentation by Dr. Richey at his facility in Chico, CA – click here

2. Ask your local dermatologist and oncologist to offer the program in your area. 

For more information on how to  bring Brighter Days to your area, please click here.